Monday, June 13, 2011


Love Poem to Garlic
by Mong-Lan

stinking rose
the heady scent of you
tangy spicy
most underrated
year-round orb
bulbous root incandescent moon
invoked as deities by the Egyptians garlic
each day with you is another day tripled
stripped of your delicate covers your
fire-spitting fresh
i love you unadulterated
a shiver once i bite you
medicinally you are a miracle
fighting colds blood thinner
anti-bacterial extraordinaire
how to eat you raw & love it:
peel the placenta-like cover
into fish sauce with red chili peppers lemon
your bold paleness exposed
i imagine you
at every moment of every day

Mong-Lan is a Vietnamese poet and artist and her ode to garlic reflects my own passion for this simple yet incredibly delicious food.

Alas, I've given it up. It's been three weeks now. It's all part of my plan to finally find out what's been causing my agonizing stomach aches these past few years.

Three weeks and still pain free.