Sunday, January 9, 2011

Final Score: England 9, United States 2

Buy to take to the US:
Kendel mint cake
Grasmere gingerbread
lemon curd
Cadbury Magical Elves
Cadbury's instant hot chocolate
goose fat
Splenda artifical sweetener
Kinder eggs

Buy to take back to the UK:
Dentyne Cinnamon gum
Marshmallow Fluff

Update July 13:
I'm not the only one with a hankering for marshmallow fluff. My most recent return trip from the states included a stopover in Amsterdam. All passengers had to have their bags checked at the gate. The young gal in front of me was distressed to see officials pull her HUGE plastic container of fluff, open it, frown, and tell her that she would not be able to take it ("whatever it is") on the flight. I have no idea how she got through U.S. baggage check with it! We both cringed when they threw it into the garbage bin.