Friday, October 29, 2010

Baking Parchment

This is, more or less, a note to myself.

What in God's name is this stuff?

I bought a roll of baking parchment at Morrisons. Just curious about it, really. I used it to line a cake pan for baking brownies and it worked really well - no dough sticking to the pan as expected.

What I didn't expect is that there was no "paper" left. When I washed the pan there was just a bit of greasy feeling. Evidently the parchment just melts down.

So that leaves me to wondering what exactly *is* it? [The Morrisons box doesn't say.]

And why would I continue to pay for this if greasing and flouring a cake tin isn't just as effective at a fraction of the cost?


  1. Note to self: Do not buy any more. You just looked in the pantry for some paper towels and found yet another box of parchment paper. Where did that come from? And where are all your rolls of paper towels?

  2. Michele, parchment doesn't dissolve. You should peel it off the bottom of the cake. It keeps things from sticking, and it helps your pans stay clean.